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Description of the NGO Social Alternative Institute

Social Alternative Institute was founded in February 2004. Founders and members of the Social Alternative Institute are experienced researchers who have expertise for a long time in implementation of social researches on local and international level, as well as specialists in organization of educational and social projects. Over a period of its activity the Social Alternative Institute has implemented many social research projects based on the members’ professional experience and organized many seminars in co-operation with partners from Latvia and abroad. The recommendations elaborated during research processes were introduced to the local and national policy makers.

Project Summary

The aim of the project is by using social documentary photography as a tool to reflect different sides of social and intercultural situation, including social exclusion problems and social success stories, in all partner countries, and search for common models of facilitating social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

The Project will bring together participants of different age from 10 EU countries with different experience in social documentary photography with the aim to exchange experience and with strong interest to learn more about social documentary photography as well as its use reflecting society and its developments. The participants during the seminar through different formal and non-formal learning activities will learn how to use social documentary photography as a method in reflect their view on social and cultural situation and how they are influenced by local identity, and possibilities to promote social inclusion by building the sense of belonging to Europe.


1st (arrival day - the Seminar will start on afternoon) to 6th May (departure is planned on the afternoon/evening 2013

Project activities:

In the frame of the project two events will be organized: the Seminar and the Photo shooting.


Participants: photographers from 10 different countries of EU (2-4 participants of each country).

The Seminar ”Social photography” 3 days will include such activities:

  • Theoretical knowledge/background on use of social documentary photography in reflecting social and cultural situation;
  • Discussions how to use learned theoretical knowledge about social documentary photography in promoting social inclusion and cultural integration;
  • Practical experience exchange on social documentary photography;
  • Future cooperation development.

The main topic of the activities will be reflecting different sides of social exclusion problems in every partner country and looking for common models of solution this problem.

After the Seminar participating photographers in small groups will visit social events, different parts of the city, meet and talk with people. They will get in focus of those cameras different aspects life, problems and things which have Latvia’s inhabitants. They are “catching the life” and creating own portrait of Latvia’s social life.

Organisations: Biedrība Gaismas stars, Rīgas patversme, Resursu centrs sievietēm Marta, Latvijas neredzīgo biedrība, mazturīgo atbalsta biedrība DACE, Krīzes centrs Mīlgrāvis

After the Seminar and photo shooting, evaluation of photos and selection for photo exhibition will be done, as well as processing of photos and preparation for the exhibition.

Result of this project is exhibition of the best pictures for each partner country. Exhibition will be organized in all countries, in one of most socially important place with free entrance and access for visitors. Duration of exhibitions is up to 1 month.

After the exhibitions works will be gifted to local municipalities and placed for constant location in one of municipality objects (library, town hall or other).

Copyright (c) Social Alternative Institute, 2013
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